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( PHP allocates memory in. ( You can of course also use intval( ini_ get( ' memory_ limit' ) ) to get your memory limit as an integer. ) As pointed out below, the RAM. 大量のデータを扱っているせいかecho json_ encode( $ rs) ; でデータが表示しませんで した。 print_ r( $ rs) ; ではちゃんとデータが表示. Fatal error: Allowed memory size ofbytes exhausted ( tried to allocatebytes). I have a large json file ( 7. 3MB) that I try to json_ decode and it fails due to memory limit ( Fatal error: Allowed memory size ofbytes exhausted). Is there a way to decode json file serially, with one object/ node at a. It would use far less memory if you output the JSON directly to a file as you read the rows from the database. For example, you could first output { " data" : [ to begin the json, then output each row encoded by json_ encode, but separated with commas. Finally, close off the. Here file_ put_ contents( ' MyFileName', json_ encode( $ my_ row) ) ; not working, with above approach.

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    Fatal allowed error

    Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size ofBytes Exhausted ( CodeIgniter + XML- RPC) · 225. because you' re reading the entire thing into memory. You may very well have to set the memory limit to two times the size of the file since you also want to JSON_ DECODE. Is it really a giant JSON turns error. Allowed memory size ofbytes exhausted ( tried to allocatebytes). Now at the end you have an array of size approximately 58MB and you need to make it into a JSON of the same. $ content = null; / / unset( $ content) ; would also work. return json_ encode( $ arr) ;. But I again mention, THIS IS TEMPORARY, problem exists in your code, increasing memory limit is not a solution but it will give you opportunity to locate the real problem. You can ensure that you' re allowed memory value is being updated by checking the return value of. would clog up all the memory and cpu, while prepared statements with PDO could easily handle this kind of volume. Have you tried other options of increasing memory limit?

    Like ini_ set( ' memory_ limit', ' - 1' ) ; / / change the - 1 to a value that acommodates to your use case $ json = file_ get_ contents( $ url) ; $ obj = json_ decode( $ json) ;. That way, the whole thing doesn' t have to be in memory at once. There are no other PHP functions that let you decode JSON string. You can try on your own or find library to split JSON into parts. PHPで大量のデータを扱ったりすると、 設定された利用可能な最大メモリ使用量を超え て. PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size ofbytes exhausted ( tried to allocate 351 bytes) in. というエラーが発生して対応に追われた.